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About Pawmula

Pets! Companions for life! Those that comfort us in times of stress and give us pure joy at all other times. Which is why pet owners should strive to give back to them and take care of them and their needs to the fullest.

Pawmula helps you do this.........and a lot more!!! With a variety of pet accessories and toys - specially designed and crafted to provide your pet with the comfort and happiness it deserves, Pawmula is here to care for your pet like never before.

In addition to Pawmula's own products (manufactured in China for Purple Cone Pvt Ltd), a wide variety of items of the globally popular pet food brand Royal Canin are also available (manufactured by Royal Canin France; directly purchased from Nutri Veto Pvt Ltd - the sole agent of Royal Canin in Sri Lanka).

Looking after your beloved pet is not a past-time; it is a duty. Let Pawmula be your partner in fulfilling this duty.

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